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General Manager Margaret Wu has more than ten years of editorial experience in beauty magazines. Not only did Margaret Wu become the chief editor of an international beauty magazine (Taiwan version) at a very young age, she also wrote many books related to beauty; the published books are usually used as reference texts for beauty training in Taiwan and China, and therefore Margaret Wu could no doubt be said to be the first of all “Beauty Gurus”.

As an editor, Margaret Wu had lots of opportunities to interview and visit many world-renowned cosmetics manufacturers around the world. Not only has Margaret Wu accumulated over a decade of experience in reporting and reviewing skincare products; she also gained deep insights into the research and development processes of beauty products made of international big brands. Because of these experiences, Margaret Wu became picky about skincare products and always believed that there are still some improvements that could be made. In order to produce skincare products according to the actual needs of the customers’ skin, and with the strong belief of enabling women to become more beautiful, Margaret Wu was motivated to develop skincare products.

In 2003, Margaret Wu established “For Beloved One” and began to promote the concept of medical beauty care. With the belief that once she decides to do something, she has to give her best shot; she heavily invested in purchasing patented formula and bio-cellulose facial masks made by special nano-technology. Margaret Wu strongly believed that only when “the ingredients are of the best quality can customers be able to see the results and repurchase the products.”

Therefore, Margaret Wu always has to find the balance between qualities and costs when deciding which ingredient to adopt into the products at development stage. She is aware of that using the best ingredients means that more capital investment is required. However, in order to produce the best products, Margaret Wu is willing to invest more and adopted patented ingredients and formula from renowned international ingredient manufacturers. To stick to the brand’s original goal, Margaret Wu is committed to help product users experience the best results in the safest way possible.

Brand Founder Margaret Wu

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