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A beauty miracle from Taiwan – For Beloved One cherishes every woman in the world

Nobody could have imagined that a “Made in Taiwan” skincare brand would become renowned worldwide. Nobody could have believed that a single idea from a beauty editor would have allowed “For Beloved One” to produce the industry’s first bio-cellulose facial mask, which opened up new doors for “Made in Taiwan” skincare products and allowed the brand to establish its global footprint since 2004. “For Beloved One” has become a miracle among the Taiwanese cosmetic industry, and due to the brand’s popularity, its retailers or online stores are often out of stock.

From reporter to creator: the birth of “For Beloved One

As a beauty editor for over 20 years, Margaret Wu first came across the bio-cellulose material during an interview conducted with a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Bio-cellulose is a biomedical material that is used as artificial skin and cardiovascular repair material. After thoroughly understanding the manufacturing processes and trying out the material personally, she came up with a solution to address the inadequacies of the beauty products in the market.At the end of 2003, Margaret Wu founded “For Beloved One” with the brand spirit of caring all female skin. The world’s first bio-cellulose facial mask was introduced and took the market by storm immediately.

Stick to the brand’s original goal

Because of her editorial experience on beauty products for more than a decade, Margaret Wu has adopted a strict standard towards skincare products and she carefully examines every single ingredient that is added into her products. All the ingredients that Margaret Wu wished to add in are of the best quality amongst all, as she stubbornly believes that once she decided to do something, she must give her best shot. Because the brand promised that every single product yields the best performance, consumers can expect to find expensive ingredients such as ganoderma and ginseng in all products. Margaret Wu has realized her goal by helping all users achieving the best results in the safest way possible.

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